Streamline & Optimize

In-House Delivery

Improve Delivery Time
Provide Drivers With A Mobile App
Offer Order Tracking For Customers

Deliver More Orders In Less Time Using

Advanced Delivery Management Technology

Simplify and automate order distribution between drivers.

Smart Dispatch helps managers make more informed decisions, leading to an improved average delivery time, and fewer late deliveries.

Improve average delivery time by 5 minutes or more
Automate order distribution and streamline your operation
Manage drivers less and automate order assigning
Compare ETAs and make more informed decisions
Simplify delivery training for drivers and managers
Guarantee a quicker delivery time for customers closest to you

Offer driver assistance, for a safer and more efficient delivery

Mobile App gives drivers the tools they need on the road, and customers the ability to track their orders.

Ensure orders are delivered in the correct sequence
Offer drivers the ability to call and navigate with the push of a button
Generate end of shift tip and mileage reports
Simplify and accelerate driver training

Improve customer experience and satisfaction

Order Tracking provides customers with real time SMS status updates, and more accurate ETA, leading to less calls to check on order status.

Eliminate interruptions from customer calls to check on order status
Avoid returning orders from customer no shows
Build an SMS list of customers who opt-in to track future orders
Send promotions through SMS to customers who opted-in

The Delivery Solution You've Been Looking For


Automate delivery management, and guarantee a quicker delivery time leading to fewer late deliveries


Eliminate interruptions from manual order entry, customer calls to check on order status, and continuously managing drivers


Improve efficiency and safety on the road, track drivers and simplify the training process


Increase sales from existing customers by improving the overall experience and satisfaction rate, leading to more repeat orders


Send real time SMS status updates, provide more accurate ETA, and build a marketing list of existing customers


Import orders flawlessly through direct integration with Square POS and online ordering platforms through third party integration companies

Why Hire Your Own Drivers...?

How Exactly Is Self Delivery Better Than Third Party?

Eliminate The Middle Man &

Achieve Zero-Cost Delivery

By delivering through third party companies, restaurants lose a major income from delivery fees & tips. Collect it and cover your payroll cost for your own delivery staff, adding 10% more profit of your sales online! We are your delivery consultant company, and we provide you with a formula that will get you to zero cost delivery within a few months.

Get more help in the operation, your drivers your rules
Give your brand the exposure, not theirs
Take control, lower your delivery fee and increase your sales

Still Paying A % Of Your Sales To Deliver Your Food?

Keep the online ordering platforms to receive orders, and lower your rate by 10% or more by delivering your food through your own delivery drivers.

See how you could get to Zero-Cost Delivery by hiring your own delivery drivers




Keep your delivery fee and tips by delivering through your own drivers, and set a lower fee of $3.99 guaranteeing an increase in sales.


$3.99 + TIP


Stop paying third party companies 10% or more of your sales to deliver the food, and use the fees and tips collected to cover your payroll cost for your own delviery drivers.


$1.99 - $3.99 + Tip

* Determine your cost per order

based on the tiers below


Restaurants averaging 2 orders or more per hour are able to cover their payroll cost using the income they collect from fees and tips, saving them the 10% fee paid to the third party.



* Tier

Cost /Order


$3.99 + Tip


$2.99 + Tip

9 - 15 ORDERS / HOUR

$1.99 + Tip


Contact us to discuss any custom features or development.




Single Route Optimization

Integrated Mobile App For drivers

End of Shift Driver Tip Report

Mileage Usage Reports For Drivers

Live Driver Tracking

Unlimited Drivers

Interactive Route Optimization Map

Full Route Planning & Optimization

Automatic Order Distribution for Drivers

Custom Target Delivery Time By Distance

Order Tracking For Customers

SMS Status Updates








+ $.15


Still paying third party delivery fees?

Schedule a call with one of our experts, and see how

we could help you save the 15% and get to Zero-cost Delivery!

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OnIine Ordering

Get a simple webpage focused on getting you more orders and save on online ordering fees

Integrated with your delivery POS
No monthly fee, only pay when you get orders, a flat rate of .50 per order
Built on the Square Online Ordering and POS platform
No experience necessary & minimal training needed for drivers!
Eliminate interruptions from calls to check on order status, and improve your customers' overall experience

Migrating Customers Online

Leveraging the restaurant's access to their customers, in-house and throughdriver-customer interaction at the time of delivery, to build an SMS list.

Customers opt-in to receive messages for the ability to track orders in the future.

A confirmation message with a link to download the Marketplace App with a 50% OFF offer.

A confirmation message with a link to download the Marketplace App with a 50% OFF offer.


Designed for restaurants hiring their own delivery staff, integrated with their delivery


Dynamic maps

Dynamic maps

Tracking Ability

Delivery Management

Managers can focus on managing the restaurant, and trust that Ontime will

manage their delivery operation efficiently.

Automating and optimizing the delivery

operation through an Al powered Console.

Connecting Drivers, Customers and

Restaurants through a Driver App.


Delivery Management Console
Driver App
Marketplace Customer App
Marketplace Customer Website

Al Powered Console

Allowing restaurants to run a simpler and more efficient in-house delivery

operation, while saving them up to 50% of their cost on third party delivery.

Improved Average Delivery Time and fewer late deliveries.
Minimal Delivery Training needed for drivers and managers.
Target Delivery Time by distance to guarantee closer customers a quicker delivery time.
Route-Assigning Automation, leading to less time spent managing the delivery operation.
Data Analysis, providing performan tomer ratings for drivers.